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Robert Post in POST Time: The One-Man Variety Show for Families and Students

Actor, mime, puppeteer, juggler, ventriloquist, standup comedian, and improvising whirling dervish, Robert Post is a one-man variety show who shares what it means to be wonderfully alive and human in a hugely engaging show. From meticulously crafted routines to freestyle improvisations, Post keeps audiences riveted on what he’s doing (and wondering how he’s doing it). His extraordinary physical control lets him create different “roles” for different body parts — including the sounds that help make the invisible visible. Amazing and accessible on many levels, his unique blend of comedy and creativity leaves adults and children alike limp with laughter.

Post has performed for young audiences in countless settings including: Broadway’s New Victory Theatre, The Big Break Festival in Moscow, Festival Internacional Chihuahua in Mexico and New York’s Lincoln Center Institute, Young Audiences, Artists-in-Schools and many more. The internationally broadcast PBS special Robert Post: In Performance won the Education Network Award for Best Performance Program.

POST TIME Educates, Entertains, Engages and Empowers students to explore their own potential. This POSTpourri of verbal and non-verbal storytelling techniques sparks creativity and inspires lifelong learning.

Suggested for ages 8+

And a few words from presenters…

Post’s on stage performance is masterful as his imagination works overtime to blend comedy and creativity throughout his theatrical work. The sophistication and intel­ligence of Robert’s creative work is unique. He is truly a special performer who has the ability to adapt to and deeply engage widely diverse audiences. I highly recom­mend working with him.

-Scott Noppe-Brandon, Executive Director, Lincoln Center Institute, New York, NY

I have seen Robert Post perform to a wide variety of audiences from young children to middle school students and adults. His comic talents are universally appealing and include a dizzying bag of hilarious tricks. I don’t know anyone else like him in this business. For over fifteen years I have presented Robert in a variety of venues and have never failed to observe in each and every audience a genuine sense of joy, laughter and fun.

Bert Goldstein, Director, MSU Federal Credit Union Institute for Arts & Creativity, Wharton Center for Performing Arts, Michigan State University

Robert has that rare ability to entrance the youngest of children and, at the very same time, engross the most seasoned of adult theatergoers. His shows are a delight for multigenerational audiences who can enjoy together his humor, magic and poignant commentary on life’s joys and trials.

Shelly Casto, Director of Education, Wexner Center for the Arts, The Ohio State University

In-School Mini-Performance

(Grade levels K-12 grouped in appropriate age levels)

Duration: 40-45 min.

Post’s performances will include a variety of his works carefully selected to respond to the age levels of the students. His repertoire will be selected from the following:

Odds and Ends – A fast-paced introduction of Post’s unique style. His fingers take on a life of their own and become an Olympic diver or an uncontrollable toupee that won’t stay on his head. His nose comes right off for a quick cleaning, two arms form a giant mouth and a football play is rewound from every angle at an impossible speed. This seven-minute opening is a physical free-association to challenge and expand the imaginations of the audience members.

The Bag – Children (and sometimes adults) truly think they see the invisible balls Post pulls out of a plain grocery bag. Everyone participates in this imagination stimulator, throwing the invisible balls into an empty bag that magically produces a stream of tiny red balls.

Tango – Post invites a pair of red long johns on the dance floor for a “steamy” tango. In the resulting tangle of arms and legs it’s difficult to tell who’s leading whom.

Shticks – They’re just three sticks, about three feet long with red tips. But in Robert Post’s hands, they’re magic, pirouetting through the air in exact and almost mathematical patterns. Suddenly, they’re not just pieces of wood. One snakes through the air as a cobra. One leaves home to join the circus as a trapeze. Soon, they all conspire to make a movie, simultaneously starring as cowboys, Indians, horses, speeding bullets, seagulls, fishing poles and sharks.

Ace Wingspan, King of the Sky – Post’s body becomes a cartoon graphic, sound effect machine, and airplane as the daring stunt pilot realizes he’s not as brave as the crowd’s expectations.

Burglar Burt – A barking dog, slinking cat, snoring parent and crying baby undo the attempted burglary of the bungling Burt in this tribute to the comedic genius of Sid Caesar.

The Daydreamer – This work was inspired by Post’s love for the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. The school bus is out of control. Mr. Phillips, the driver, is turning purple. No problem for Bobby who turns the bus into a spaceship and saves the day. To conquer a bully he drinks a magic potion and grows fifty feet tall. But…he spills his drink in the process. This means big trouble. The only way out of the principal’s office is…to become invisible.

Pasquale’s Kitchen – A wacky TV chef whips up a culinary feast of juggling, visual gags, dialects, jokes, magic and rhythm. He serves up his special cooking secret,” Let the chef inside you guide you.” While demonstrating French, Australian, Russian, and British specialties, Pasquale — like a method actor — totally immerses himself in the character. He battles an uncooperative seafood dish, creates quick bread like you’ve never seen, shakes a cow to make his own butter, and creates a new definition of “natural food.”

An additional element of Post’s work is an ongoing dialogue with the audience. Where appropriate, students will have an opportunity to ask questions between works.

Requirements: Stage or large space with a performing area of at least 15′ x 15′. A clean floor is essential. Artist must have exclusive use of the performing area for one hour prior to performance.

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