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With its dry humor, expert mime, versatile acting, skilled juggling, ventriloquism, splendid timing and keen sense of satire and the absurd, “The Post Man Delivers,” has a sophisticated air about it. The POSTman of the title is Robert Post, who merits a place on anybody’s all-star team of the goofily gifted.
— The New York Times

I like him because he’s insane…completely insane.
— Matt Lauer, TODAY Show

American comic insanity hits Moscow! Robert Post, the American comedian, brought his famous show to Moscow, evoking sweet, childlike emotions from a demanding Russian audience.
— Russia Today

He’s as riveting as he is eclectic…uproariously funny.
— Bob Mondelo, NPR Radio

remarkable ability to create characters… a whimsical sense of humor and lyrical style of movement
— Los Angeles Times

world-class…a brilliant physical comedian, an intriguing writer and an inventive theatrical mind
— The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The images were ingenious…his comic timing was flawless
— The Cleveland Plain Dealer

inventive…intriguing…off-the-wall dead-on commentary
— The Philadelphia Inquirer

The comedian, political pundit and man of a thousand disguises… uses body language, masks, music and genius to create a body of work and a host of unforgettable, totally radical characters
— The Tampa Tribune

brilliant, entertaining and believable
— The Cincinnati Enquirer

He’s as riveting as he is eclectic…uproariously funny.
— Bob Mondelo, NPR Radio

…a don’t miss show. It’s hard to pick a favorite among the clever pieces because they are all so wonderful.
— The Arizona Republic

The contemporary, the classic and the timeless blend wonderfully… …makes his comic points through time-honored physical dexterity”
— The Village Voice

Robert Post specializes in a witty, bizarre deconstructed vaudeville of stage images the likes of which I feel sure you won’t see again any time soon
— The Edmonton Journal, Alberta