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My deepest gratitude goes out to everyone who donated to the POST From the Road Power2Give campaign and to the incredibly generous donors who believed in this work when it was still just an idea and a whole lot of raw material. I can’t begin to thank you enough and hope that you will receive a good deal of joy and inspiration in return for your generosity. I am also very grateful to everyone who appears in these videos and especially to the creative team, advisors, and other volunteers/POSTers who make this all possible. 

TALL Thanks, Robert

POST Producers

Monica and Doug Kridler

The Columbus Foundation 


The Greater Columbus Arts Council and city of Columbus


Tom Griesemer, founder of Stauf’s Coffee

The Hazelbaker Foundation


Bluescreek Farm


Susan and Grant Douglass

Michelle Geissbuhler

Louise Guthman

Nancy Harding

Olga Lucia

Puffin Foundation


Rosati Windows

RW Logo, 2C

Karen Riccio and Al Debelak

Ed and Maitzie Stan

Special Thanks to:

Columbus Association for the Performing Arts (CAPA) & Rich Corsi
 Jeni’s Spendid Ice Creams
Diverse Media Zone, Inc.


POSTS with the Most

Joe and Kyle Corna
Fred “Garbo” Garver
Wendy Goldstein
Terry Johnson
Karen Bell and Ben Maiden
Katzinger’s Deli
Sarah Kahrl
Sally and Brian Kriska
Marcia Miller
Kathy Rosati

POSTmaster Generals

Victoria Dummer
Tom Katzenmeyer
Deirdre Valente


Suzanne Accetta

Jon Palmer Claridge

Lenny and Marcia Comeras

Martha Creek

Susan DePasquale

Lesley Ferris

Kathleen Gilliland

Roy Gottlieb

Harvest Moon Cafe

Sharon Leahy & Rick Good

Martha and Jerry Marcom

El McFarland

Omega Artisan Baking

Sue Ann Rosati

Ralph Rosenfield

Rob Salafia

Evelyn Stommel

Pete Strimer

Jeanine Thompson

Annette Wright


George Anderson

Susie Bastian

Roberta Brown

Kevin Cary

Edward Inbusch

Lisa James

Robert Mangia

Suzanne McLeod

Jesse Miller

Karen Montanaro

Shelley & Bill Morgan

Maraya Morgan

Jackie Reifer & John Saccone

Vonnie Sanford

Jackson Sarver

Terri-Lynne Smiles

Linda Stone

Noreen Warnock

Alan Woods

POST Toasties

Katherine Burkman

Jackie Calderone

Joshua Calderone

Randi Cohen

Chelle Coleman

Jonathan Disbro

Christy Farnbauch

William Goldsmith

Debbie Knight

Charlotte Leight

Pamela Montanaro

Christy Murphy

Lori Robishaw

Denise Rosati

Diana Such

Isao Yamakawa